In mid-December, three experimental noise music projects – Umbra, my cat forms hell and Natalie Schchepanskye Erotic Pleasure – took over the stage at Klub Ch25 in Warsaw. Balancing between pure noise and melodic aspects of songs, they created a rather peculiar atmosphere. Although the attendance was low, it was a special night of intense musical experience.

my cat forms hell
When Bez&Nadzieja, which was supposed to open the gig, cancelled their set because of high fever, Mleko Mayako and Natalie Schchepanskye spontaneously decided (over one night!) to create my cat forms hell, an experimental noise duo which, when performing, relied heavily on improvisation. Their slowly developing, at times both spacial and rather introvertive sound created a special, mysterious and heavy atmosphere. The music was very much engaging, although quite demanding because of its characteristic cold melancholy and strange energy. The musicians were focused on turning as much of the music’s beauty as possible out of all the digital-analog instruments and tools. It was the seemingly random sounds of violin, guitar and pipe, sunken in the noise, the steady modulating of acoustic intensity that got people’s attention. It would be such a shame if my cat forms hell was to dissapear forever after performing just once.

my cat forms hell/ fot. Mateusz Stypuła

Natalie Schchepanskye Erotic Pleasure
Natalie Schchepanskye appeared on stage once again after a short break. That time, she sat behind her laptop with all the instruments she needed to create a strange atmosphere with her experimental compositions. Due to the experimentalism of her music, Schchepanskye is asking people to focus on her work, to hear the noise and use one’s imagination. The melodic and noise aspects of music intertwine in her compositions making her performance a quite intense musical experience. The samples Schchepanskye uses at time, made people suprised and left them smiling when they heard interwoven fragments of a Polish religious song. There’s a peculiar energy in her work that set the mood very well, and one could even see some people laying on the floor listening to her music. Such a great sound!

Natalie Schchepanskye/ fot. Mateusz Stypuła

All the way from Serbia (although recently on a small tour across Poland) came Umbra, a musician and producer who creates experimental electronic noise music. Her very energetic compositions, once again created a peculiar, heavy and cold atmosphere of melancholy. The energy was vibrant, one could almost feel it and touch it with their hands. It was a mesmerizing performance. The intensity of sound was, at times, overwhelming, but well-ballanced. During the concert, Umbra tended to improvisation, and when she focused on bringing attention to the melodic aspects of her work and performed melodic songs in serbian, it was a soothing blend of electronica and improvisation, a great musical experience. The noisely experimental sound in a dark room – no wonder some people sat on the floor during the entire set, in silence, focused on the music, trying to hear as much as possible in the seemingly chaotic maze of sound.

Umbra/ fot. Mateusz Stypuła

The experimental noise greatly appealed to imagination. It was an immersive and intensive musical experience.