It is particularly hard to choose top 10 albums when so much great Polish music has been released in 2019. Just as we did with our Top 10 International Albums of 2019, we chose what we believe were the best Polish albums of 2019. These are our favorite albums, albums we consider the most interesting, or records we listened to the most.

10. Nac/Hut Report – Wszystko Jeszcze Jest

Beautifully loud and melodic study of noise. As time goes by, the quite hypnotising sound intensifies. The songs are very well-thought-of and full of strange energy. The experimental noise  music deafens with the looped sounds, and a very atmospheric voice of the vocalist create an unstettling climate of melancholy. It is a dark and intensive sound vision.

9. Bez – Bańki mydlane

Bez’ music is clearly inspired by classic shoegaze bands. But the Polish band can easily process their inspirations and create a quite captivating, freshly-classic, shoegaze sound. The songs on their debut album are incredibly atmospheric and energetic. Their lyrics consort with the beautiful noise made by the reverbed guitars and create a pleasantly intensive musical adventure.

8. Dłonie – s/t

Wonderfully fresh and melancholic blend of dream pop and slowcore. Dłonie’ songs convey a beautiful sensitivity, emotionality and pleasantly cold melancholy. Slow, raw and soothing guitars create a specific climate. The slowcore weight had been finely balanced by more energetic and atmospheric songs. Clear and rather expressive vocals help one focus on the lyrics.

7. Piernikowski – The best of moje getto

Piernikowski’s specific style of production, his characteristic flow and the way he can build-up the atmosphere with just his voice, make his new studio album a gem. Although not all of the stories told by the rapper are great, it is the music and fine production that stand out. Cold, almost industrial beats, soft and soothing ambient instrumental compositions, songs often soaked in deep bass sound and well-thought-out use of autotune create a very much captivating album.

The study of noise and experimentalism. Music to disassociate to, to lose oneself in the seemingly chaotic songs of the producer from Białystok. With the steadily building-up, often deafening sound, Ciamkam creates pure experimental, hypnotizing anti-songs. Because of the intenstity of the music, Play-doh Dog is a cerebral, contemplative, and demanding work. The songs create an incredible, cold dark, melancholic and unsettling atmosphere.

5. Blush Cannon – Dead End

Blush Cannon is a project of another young Polish singer sonwriter inspired by, amongst others, Phil Elverum, and Daniel Johnston,who can process his inspirations and create an authentic work. Blush Cannon, together with his friend and producer of the album Jasiek Szczepańczyk (who performed backing vocals and played on some tracks) made an album that is quite captivating, due to its seemingly plain sound. The sad songs are very emotional (one can easily hear all range of emotions in the voice of the vocalist) and full of sensitivity.  They create a cold atmosphere of very purifying melancholy. And the lyrics tell a sad story of love, loss, pain and broken heart. 

Nagrobki’s songs create a specific, cold atmosphere full of melancholy. Additionally, their lyrics alone are quite brilliant. These are seemingly absurd deathly, gloomy stories written in a specific manner. The post-punk induced sound (or, as describes its music, nekropolo) is quite danceable: melodic and energetic, yet cold, raw and atmospheric.

3. paszka – rozmnóżka

Finely twisted glitch/experimental. A burst of creativity. Greatly produced songs convey an interesting range of balanced intensity and energy. They create a specific atmosphere of being suspended between fantasy and reality. The vibrancy of the apparent sound chaos is hypnotizing. The songs on the EP seem to be created to be listened to on headphones/good soundsystem. Only then, one can hear so many  elements that the well-thought-out sound constists of.

2. WaluśKraksaKryzys – MiłyMłodyCzłowiek

The intensity of the brilliantly energetic sound is incredible. WaluśKraksaKryzys’ songs are so vibrant, and melodic, that almost all of them can become an instant hits. The lyrics are also captivating, with their specific, honest and direct style of writing. Vibrant energy, (over)sensitivity and emotionality are emphasized both musically and lyrically. That is the kind of indie rock Poland needs.

1. Bałtyk – Self-help, Pt. 1/Self-help, Pt. 2

In 2019, Bałtyk has released three brilliant records. As far as Helsinki the EP has the biggest emotional baggage, the Self-help albums seem to show how much potential is in this their sad lo-fi music. Their songs convey a great deal of sensitivity and emotionality which are finely balanced with the captivating, seemingly plain lo-fi bedroom pop sound. And it seems rather hard to view one part without the other, as together they tell a pretty important, cohesive and coherent story. The songs on Self-help, Pt.1 and Self-help, Pt.2 are like a musical autotherapy by means of a characteristic, honest and often painfully direct storytelling. Bałtyk’s work is incredibely authentic. The songs are drowned in sadness.  These are the songs to cry to, to let out all the emotions that had been inside for a possibly long time. Their music can be very purifying.


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