Maybe it sounds idealistically or shallow in some way, but how great could that be if we could all put our differences aside and love one another. People at Sofar Sounds Krakow share the love of music. And once again, two different cultures found common ground in music at Sofar Sounds Krakow’s second July event at Goethe Institut Krakau.

Youth Novels
Goethe Institut Krakau, located in the touristic heart of the city Krakow, it’s Main Square promotes German language and culture and it’s residence has a beautiful room with great acoustics, most suitable for such concerts. It hosted Sofar Sounds Krakow for the third time. People went silent when Youth Novels, a young shoegaze/dream pop band started playing. One word comes into one’s mind when describing their music: atmospheric. It created a good, dreamy atmosphere, Soft, soothing vocals and shoegaze’y guitars sounded great. The band had already released two EP’s – I Used to Wreck it All and Chaos I Create – and they said, that they are about to release a third one sometime in the not-so-distant future. The vocalist said that two of the songs they played that evening would appear in the third season of a Polish thriller TV series Pod Powierzchnią and joked with Mateusz Opyrchał who was the MC for the evening, that people should cancel their Netflix subscription for the sake of TVN, a Polish TV station that will broadcast the series. Youth Novels played four songs: One of them was called Chaos I Create, and as for the upcoming EP, they played a beautiful song called Tonight. It was a very soothing and atmospheric show, good way to start an evening worth to remember.

Youth Novels/photo: Mateusz Stypuła

As Mateusz Opyrchał said jokingly, Farkey was very lucky to play two Sofar shows in a row. Or as Farkey said In one week. Farkey also said that his stage name is not only a combination of the first three letters of his name and surname, but also he interprets it as FOUR KEYS, like four keys in a piano and FORKY. His set was not so much different from the one he played a week before at Studio Luma. He started with a song he did not play last time, composition of ambient/electronic beat with an acoustic guitar. It set up a really light and nice, yet somewhat mysterious mood. Then he played mellow tunes with a touch of relieving melancholy. His music certainly has a potential. Yet there were some moments where it not sound quite well. He has female vocals sampled in one song, vocals of a famous Iranian singer, as he said last time. The mix of those vocals with a modern electronic/ambient beat did not match up. It made the track seemed almost too oriental. Anyway, people enjoyed the set very much.

Farkey/photo: Mateusz Stypuła

Pola Chobot & Adam Baran
The music of Pola Chobot & Adam Baran, a modern version of blues and blues rock, is emotional and very authentic. Though the vocalist sings of love (and she joked that she wrote eleven songs about love) the combination of music, lyrics and Chobot’s amazing voice, speaks to the core and creates a special atmosphere. The bluesy band played at Sofar Sounds Krakow for the third time. Every one of their sets was different and special in a lot of ways and so was the one they played on the 19th July. On 19th July, they played without their drummer and for the first time at their gig, Pola Chobot played the drum in two songs. The musicians performed five songs that evening. Three of which were from the upcoming eleven-track debut album, due to be released sometime in September. They sang and played with joy and passion. Pola Chobot & Adam Baran played one song in English. Chobot said to the audience that when she gets nervous, she talks a lot. And so she was, very talkative that evening. When introducing the song written in English, she told a story of their travel to Camp America for three months. There, they wrote a wonderful and emotional song inspired by the old blues. They also played their new single Strach (which means Fear in Polish). When they got off the stage, people wanted to here more and could not stop applauding. And the band got to the stage for one more song  – Brudno (which means Dirty). Pola Chobot asked the audience to hum a part of the song with her and even Adam Baran hummed while playing the guitar. He probably did it for the first time. It was an incredible show.

Pola Chobot & Adam Baran/photo: Mateusz Stypuła

Lots of love. And common passion – music. Great music unites.


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