Bruno Miguel’s project :papercutz is about to embark on their European tour. The project features new vocalist Catarina Miranda. The German leg of the tour starts on February 5th, and the Polish leg starts on the February 16th. Mateusz Stypuła talked with Bruno Miguel about the upcoming Polish tour and the new :papercutz’ record.

With the help of SIDEWAYS booking & promotion agency, the band is to play in various Polish cities, including Kraków, at Teatr Barakah on February 21st. The tour starts in Szczecin, then the band will travel to Toruń, Poznań, Wrocław, Łódź and Łowicz, with Warsaw being the last stop of the tour in Poland. When asked if he is excited for the upcoming tour, Bruno Miguel answered Of course! First time playing in Poland, so it’s exciting cause you get to meet a whole new type of audience with their cultural backgrounds and social habits, but also you get to take something new and different back home with you. And we’re showcasing our upcoming new record and live show so very curious how it will be received.

Before releasing :papercutz’ third studio album, one has the opportunity to elaborate a little on Miguel’s work as a whole. :papercutz’ music can be characterized as an exotic mix of dreamy electronic pop and folk. The compositions are very spacious, with soft and delicate instrumentals which intertwines with an atmosphere of mystery and gloom. Listening to the songs is quite an escapist experience. Such atmosphere  can also be seen in the band’s at times fairy-like music videos, including Where Beasts  Die, a song from :papercutz’ second record The Blur Between Us. In 2008, Lylac, :papercutz’ debut, a work with a peculiar climate and first of the two albums recorded with the singer Melissa Veras was released. It combines a dream-like atmosphere with somewhat glitch-driven instrumental parts.  2 years later Do Outro Lado do Espelho (Lylac Ambient Reworks), a reworked version of the album was released. 12 producers reconstructed the songs admirably, allowing to look at Miguel’s work from a new perspective.

The Blur Between Us is even richer when it comes to the project’s sound. It can be heard in such great songs as Rivers or an instrumental piece Redenção.  Miguel notices the changes since he started making music as :papercutz, and remarks: that there’s definitely been a change. :papercutz wasn’t supposed to be a live band, more of studio project, so I didn’t take that aspect into account and just treated music in a more plastic arts approach, whereas nowadays is definitely more musical and thought about how it will translate to a live scenario.

Bruno Miguel creates fantastic and atmospheric electronic/ambient music which harmonize with the singers’ voices. When asked about his compositions, he answered: Most of my influences are still permuting the songs, it’s just a question of what a record asks for. I work conceptually so each new album has a story and a particular kind of instrumental soundtrack. Like working in a movie score, another of my passions. Obviously it’s all intertwined with the music I keep on discovering or find interest in. But there are musical and production elements that resonate with the group’s identity throughout our work. Cinematic ambient textures is one of them, and it’s still there either brooding on the background or textural instrumental parts.

:papercutz also covers songs of other bands. The band made an incredible cover of Disintegration by The Cure.  The project’s latest single, Trust/Surrender, was released in 2017. The band went on  hiatus from performing live and found some to record their new album.  They played some of the new songs at various European showcase festivals in 2018, for example at Waves Vienna. Due to the positive response to the new material, they decided to promote the new album prior to its release, on the tour in Europe and at upcoming music festivals, including Austin’ SXSW and FOCUS Wales. Bruno Miguel announces  that audience will hear a set made up of all new songs from our upcoming record King Ruiner and maybe one or two from past records. Trust/Surrender was more of transitional single from the last record to this one, where we introduced our new singer but the record we came up with has a character of its own and it’s nothing quite what we’ve done so far. Best way to hear it for now is come to one of our shows!


Zawieszony między atmosferycznym ambientem a pełnym specyficznego klimatu brzemieniem prosto zza wschodniej granicy. Najbardziej wygadana część wytwórcy, odpowiadająca przede wszystkim za techniczne i wizualne aspekty strony. Przez kilka lat intensywnie działający w środowisku nowych technologii oraz z wielkim zainteresowaniem śledzący rynek muzyczny. Jego celem jest urozmaicenie realizowanych materiałów oraz rozwój dotychczasowej formy bloga.

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