Pigeon is a Berlin-based band specialized in creating beautiful noises. In mid-may 2018, the band released their self-titled debut album. On their Bandcamp page, Pigeon describe their music, among names like noise, punk, or wave,  as flennen. This, in German, could mean howling. If that is what howling is about, then let them howl!

All songs on the album indeed represent a perfect mix of noise, punk and post-punk. They are energetic, vital and expressive. One can feel the great load of energy bursting out, when listening to songs like Couches or Gaping. It is impressive how  Pigeon’s music on the album is so exuberant in the way it creates this aforementioned energy. There is no overload with sound. On the contrary – the album ends too quickly, because one is just too absorbed by the beauty of the music. s/t begins with a short outbreak of sort: it accustomes one’s ear to the screams and noises which then will  all-present throughout the album. The vocalist sings and screams and spits the words out as if it was the last thing he would do before fading into nothingness. Sometimes incomprehensible, the lyrics seem to fade away in the wave of sound, but they surely are a well-written social commentary (Tiny).

When it comes to noise, punk and post punk, Pigeon’s work echoes bands like Girl Band or Iceage. It’s an incredible blend. The sharpness of their music and the raw sound of instruments is really powerful.  A melody creeps into the overwhelmingly expressive Ex Pressure. More melodic and slightly more peaceful Nizza still amazes. Just as other songs on the album, including Kinn, where the drum intro and the bass line adroitly create a special, cold and sharp atmosphere. Climatic ending of such a powerful album.

The band recorded a solid, loud, energetic and consistent album. Possibly one of the finest albums released this year. The music on s/t is very fresh and sharp. One can only keep his / her fingers crossed for the future of Pigeon. And be careful – this music is highlu addictive.


Zakochany w zimnych i melancholijnych dźwiękach, choć nie ogranicza się muzycznie. Ciągle ze słuchawkami na uszach. Z wykształcenia tłumacz języka angielskiego. Stworzył Wytwórcę Nadmiernego Smutku: najpierw na Facebooku, później zaczął pisać bloga. Przez dwa lata samodzielnej działalności opublikował 194 wpisy. Skromny i ambitny, pisze wiersze do szuflady, a gdy tego nie robi i nie słucha muzyki, siedzi w kinie. W muzyce próbuje znaleźć coś co przemówi do jego (nad)wrażliwości i często stawia na emocje.

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