This is the second article representing the new category Gems and singles, but also a review.  That explains Nothing New instead of Self Titled in it’s title.

Good Dog Nigel is a project of Parker Emeigh, a young singer songwriter from Lynchburg, VA. Rock and energy intertwine in his songs. In November 2016 the musician released unfinished versions of some of his songs. Then, in mid-may 2017, Good Dog Nigel released his first album Self Titled.

Self Titled fit rock and roll energy and indie rock lightness into just 21 minutes. All of the songs are very fine. They neither surprise a listener or mark new trails in music. Although, to create something entirely new in music is rather difficult – especially nowadays – when so many music genres has been created, mixed and processed over and over again. What is left for all the bands, including Good Dog Nigel, is to process all their infuences into a valuable work. And the project truly did so. Among more or less casual rock and roll / indie rock songs (each of them is energetic and very good)  is a real daisy: Nothing New. This brilliant song starts just as another song of the aforementioned genres. What makes it stand out is, at first, it’s lyric. It’s primely and humorously written, and distanced from the world (Maybe next week / I will write a book that / I will never complete / Maybe soon I will / find a giveaway from / things I give too much meaning). Basically, Emeigh’s writing match the music. Seemingly cheerful songs are laced with strange melancholy. The track’s cadence breaks in the middle of it: first the bridge, then the song turns into a math rock jam, echoing the work of Tangled Hair, Tera Melos and CHON. Or is it just a good rock and roll jam? Nevertheless, the energy transfixes.

Besides Nothing New, another song worth mentioning is Willow Tree. This time the song ends with a beautiful noise. Good Dog Nigel is on the right track to develop their own, interesting and quite unique sound. Their live performances, as one can tell watching YouTube videos,  are absolutely energetic and fun. One can keep his / her fingers crossed for the project’s further development.


Zakochany w zimnych i melancholijnych dźwiękach, choć nie ogranicza się muzycznie. Ciągle ze słuchawkami na uszach. Z wykształcenia tłumacz języka angielskiego. Stworzył Wytwórcę Nadmiernego Smutku: najpierw na Facebooku, później zaczął pisać bloga. Przez dwa lata samodzielnej działalności opublikował 194 wpisy. Skromny i ambitny, pisze wiersze do szuflady, a gdy tego nie robi i nie słucha muzyki, siedzi w kinie. W muzyce próbuje znaleźć coś co przemówi do jego (nad)wrażliwości i często stawia na emocje.

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