32nd edition of Sofar Sounds Krakow was at Spółdzielnia Ogniwo, in quite a big room with a scene in the middle. That was were all three artists performed that evening. Many people came, ready to hear some really good music.

Kasia Tontor

Kasia Tontor, with the help of Piotr Grzanka on trumpet and DJ KOSTA, performed at the beginning of this truly wonderful evening. Her work is hugely inspired by black music and one can easily hear it in her songs. They got the vibe, the groove that makes one want to close his/her eyes and dance to the rhythm. And the vocalist did dance on the stage. She was really feeling the music. Sofar Sounds Krakow’s crew recorded some songs and Tontor asked people to stand up and dance during two of them. Some people stood up and started to sway a little, and after roughly a minute, at least six people were dancing. The setlist on her show included two singles from her upcoming album – I’m Fine and Coolgirl – as well as a song Don’t Talk to Me, two songs from the other EP she released in the past, and a tease of an amazing one minute tease / cover of Childish Gambino’s hit Redbone. She surprised most people with that for sure. That set was quite upbeat and energetic.

kopia 1
Kasia Tontor/ photo: Mateusz Stypuła


After about 15 minutes of break, during which people went outside and to the bar to cool themselves (the room was very frowzily), Kirszenbaum went up to the stage, an extraordinary duo of Jakub Wiśniewski and Kacper Szpyrka. Why extraordinary? When Sofar’s MC Klaudia Urban asked them how best to describe their music in one word, they had no idea. It’s hard to state a specific genre of their work. For the sake of this post, one can say it is unusual and original alternative music. They play on violin and guitar, with the help of lots of guitar effects pedals and a looper. Their lyrics are rather bizarre or strange, some would say. At Spółdzielnia Ogniwo Kirszenbaum started their set with Samogongon (the name is a word play between Polish samogon which means a shine and ogon which means tail) the vocalist Jakub Wiśniewski sang about meeting a snake, which was constantly making a shine. Then, there was a song in which he sang of being in Tibet for seven minutes (a reference to a book and a movie Seven Years in Tibet), and one song about a Golem storming through a city. Kirszenbaum’s last song was about The Groke from Tove Jansson’s Moomin books, yet again combining incredibly good music with witty and intelligent lyricism. Such a fantastic performance.

Kirszenbaum. Left to right: Kacper Szpyrka, Jakub Wiśniewski/photo: Mateusz Stypuła

Kat Galie

At the end of  the whole gig, Kat Galie, a talented musician, who as a part of duo Kayte, performed at one of Sofar Sounds Krakow’s past shows, went up to the stage to perform. This time as a solo artist, she sang The River and The Moon from her EP MOONLIGHT, which she released on 5th of May, 2018. Moreover, she played some songs that did not make it to the EP – Hands Can’t Deny and The Right Way – and Cosmic, a song of the duo Kayte. Although in the songs she sang, there is a discernible melancholy behind the lyrics, her delicate and soft voice soothed the audience. Can there be a better way to cool oneself (besides water and beverages) than to listen to such a fine music? People were very much delighted, cheering and applauding. One could say they clearly enjoyed the evening. Attending Sofar Sounds Krakow’s shows is truly a marvellous experience.


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