It’s getting warmer and warmer outside as Spring slowly takes control over flora and fauna in Poland. Sofar Sounds Krakow bid a solid farewell to Winter, hoping for her not to come around until at least November. And, most importantly, they celebrated their 3rd Birthday, inside the exquisite HILO Apartments!

Before the first concert began, MC Klaudia Urban briefly talked all the people gathered in the apartment through the history behind Sofar Sounds Krakow, and Sofar Sounds in general. None other than Kraków’s city leader Marianna Kosch, after attending Sofar Sounds  gig abroad, had the brilliant idea, and enough courage to transfer this idea to Kraków, resulting in 1st ever Sofar Sounds Krakow gig on April 1st, 2015.

After Sofar Sounds Krakow’s team handed out some chocolate cupcakes to all guests, SABINA got up to the stage and started her set as the first musician to perform that evening. The girl has so much power in her voice, she could easily tear that apartment down. Yet she sang with incredible smoothness and feeling. She and her band performed her entire
Live Session EP. Starting with Lepidoptera (meaning Butterfly in Greek) she sang of love, passion, desire and freedom. Then she performed her first single Kołysanka (Lullaby) about physical love of woman to a man. She ended her set with Sreberka (Wrappers), a song about kissing. She sang her heart out for sure.

SABINA / photo: Mateusz Stypuła

Edyta Górecka
So did the second performing artist, Edyta Górecka. She’s the living embodiment of kindness and an easy grace. And she has one of the most soothing, superb voices one could ever hear, at least in Poland. Her and her band’s marvelous performance started with a new song Noc (Night), then they started playing 
Poznaniowa, a song which is actually not about Poznań, one of the larger Polish cities, but about life of a retired sailor Edyta Górecka once accidentally met when walking around the beach by the sea. It was only composed in Poznań. When introducing her next song, Mitologiczne miasta (Mythological Cities), she suggested closing one’s eyes, as this song is about a journey to past moments of happiness and freedom. The last song performed that evening, Sierpień (August), took the audience back to the dreamy-like, warm and happy summer days. People enjoyed it so much, they couldn’t stop applauding.

Left to right: Bartek Bargiel, unsighted Rafał Niewiadomski, Michał Begej, Edyta Górecka, Radek Musiolik / photo: Mateusz Stypuła

NIOMÍ, a singer-songwriter from London was the last to perform. She played on keyboard and sang in a delicate manner, as if to lull us to sleep. But no one would fall asleep, not after hearing her voice. As for the music, people were amazed by these simple and melancholic, yet somehow powerful tunes. NIOMÍ’s new single
Sugar will be out on the 5th of April, that is a date worth remembering for everyone who loved her performance, as for sure, there were such people.

How magical it was to hear all of the artists playing and singing. And seeing so many music lovers cheering and enjoying the evening really brings hope for a better tomorrow. One could only wish for years and years of Sofar Sounds Krakow shows.


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