28th Sofar Sounds Krakow at Valentine’s Day – for all those in love. Could someone in love with music celebrate? Certainly. It was at the premises of Making Waves, an company specialized in IT. The company threw their really well-arranged, cosy-looking bigger room open and provided various kinds of snacks for all the people invited. At the beginning of the gig, city leader and a temporary MC Marianna Kosch introduced one of the evening’s hosts and asked her to tell something about Making Waves, mainly what is the agency’s main field of activity.

Ed Carlsen
The first musician to perform at that special in many respects and full of surprises edition was Ed Carlsen. He played at Sofar Sounds Krakow for the third time. As he explained, that was not his ordinary concert for during the show he used electronic samples from his laptop and he usually plays calm, peaceful and slow ambient songs. He played a not-yet-released song, so he was not keen to tell the audience its title. But the song was really good, and people cheered. And when he played, he empathized with it so much, that leg of a piano bench he was sitting on almost broke. But it was slightly damaged earlier, so it is not Ed’s fault. Before playing another song, he asked the crowd how many couples were at the place that evening. He was surprised to see that only few people raised their hands and went on to play a more typical song of his, a Loom, from his latest album, asking people to close their eyes and recall happy memories. He also played Unfold, which was inspired by his dad. Then, he announced the first surprise of the evening by introducing a young and talented Polish singer Jagoda Kudlińska from a band Lor. The duo performed their collaborative single Snowman for the first time. It was a rather fast song with Jagoda singing beautifully (again and again people compared her to a Norwegian singer Aurora) and Ed playing not only piano but also guitar. As it was Ed Carlsen’s last song, after they finished, people could not stop cheering and applauding. It was really a remarkable experience.

wow (2)
Jagoda Kudlińska & Ed Carlsen / photo: Mateusz Stypuła

After a ten minutes break MC and city leader introduced Rubie, a surprise guest and an extraordinary singer-songwriter with a powerful voice. Rubie played on piano with passion and strength. They, again, tested the endurance limits of piano bench. They started with a sad a capella song about one’s identity. It was rather a personal song of them as Rubie identifies themself as neither a man or a woman. Then, they played a very dynamic song in which Rubie layed their vocal talent before the audience. Rubie have voice like one would not suspect them to have. The entire set was emotional and gripping.

brzydkie to zdjęcie (2)
Rubie / photo: Mateusz Stypuła

It was Amani, a marvelously talented singer from London, who invited Rubie to come to Krakow with her and her bandmate . In the previous year she released her first EP Perpendicular.  In Krakow she sang some of songs from the EP. She also did an a capella piece which was quite intense. Her amazing, soothing yet somehow strong, voice charmed all the people gathered in the room. Her songs moved to the core of one’s soul. She sang them with passion and dedication, creating comfort and filling people’s hearts with joy.

albo to (2)
Amani / photo: Mateusz Stypuła

Last to perform was a renowned Polish producer Wojtek Urbański. He recently composed music for AXN’s TV series Ultraviolet starring famous Polish actors and actresses like Agata Kulesza (who leaded in the Awards winner for Best Foreign Language Film in 2015 Ida). On that evening, Urbański showed how talented he really is and proved to be a perfect closing musician creating a special atmosphere in the already filled with positive emotions room. He played music from Ultraviolet and some his older compositions, and recalled that one particular song he played in Krakow was recorded in a submarine. What an experience it had to be!

All of the performing musicians showed the people their craft, their artistic sensibility and the ability to attract and charm crowd. After the show, people were quite sad to leave. Sofar Sounds Krakowow once again proved that music is a language everyone understands.


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