About Us

What exactly is “excessive sadness”? The connotations with the words “sadness” and “melancholy” are often negative. But both melancholy and sadness can also be elevating and inspiring, as they sometimes inspire to create great songs, poetry, books and other works of art. Let’s focus on music. We are excessively sad – our oversensitivity, the sadness and melancholy we feel, becomes not something negative, but an inspiration.

Everyone can be an Excessive Sadness Maker, in a sense, if they, at some point find a relief and/or an inspiration in melancholy and sadness, or if they felt overwhelmed by their emotions, uncertainty or reality. Musicians can, too, be Excessive Sadness Makers. They do so by turning many of their emotions into music / art. The music is very often imbued with melancholy and cold atmosphere. Oversensitivity can be another aspect of being an Excessive Sadness Maker, and it manifests itself vividly in all forms of art. At Wytwórca Nadmiernego Smutku (Excessive Sadness), we are focused on music: on writing reviews of albums, which somehow resonate with us or our sensitivity, writing concert and music festivals’ reviews, interviewing musicians and promoting Polish independent music scene.

Our Team

Mateusz Stypuła – Executive Editor
In love with cold, melancholy tunes, with an open mind on various music genres. Constantly with his headphones on. English translator by education. He created Excessive Sadness: at first on Facebook, then he started writing a music blog. Within two years of unaided writing, he published 194 articles. Modest and ambitious, when not listening to music, he writes poems and locks them in the sock drawer or goes to the movies. He is always trying to find something that speaks to his (over)sensitivity and seeks emotions in music.

Łukasz Aleksandrowicz – Editor

Balancing between atmospheric ambient and the sound from across the eastern border, full of specific climate.The most glib part of Excessive Sadness, primarily in charge of technical and visual aspects of the website. He intensely worked in new technologies milieu for a couple of years, at the same time curiously keeping track of music market. He aims at diversifying the range of published content and development of the current form of the blog.