Musically speaking, for Máni Orrason it seems like a brand new start. His newest EP Baby Angel seems like a break from his singer-songwriter roots. Or is it so? Because, after all, the new songs carry a great level of emotionality and sensitivity, emphasized by the lyrics: quite immersive stories of sexual identity, people and their life. 

One will not find any guitar-driven pop rock songs clearly inspired by The Beatles and The Smiths on this album. The inspiration might still be there, but much softer, hidden behind the much coherent electronic sound driven mostly by synthesizers. Thanks to a distinctive bass lines, all the songs have a specific vibe which creates a great and relaxed atmosphere. It is a fresh sound, very melodic – pop at its finest – seemingly simple, yet very catchy. Prelude, a rather minimalist song arranged mostly on synths and piano, creates melancholic atmosphere. Soothing voice of the vocalist sings of dreams, reality and love. The ambient backing heard in the background in Cowboy Cold is dreamy, the lyrics speak of a couple’s love story, and it seems like Orrason made a reference to David Bowie’s song Let’s Dance, as he sings She turns my red shoes on, and Bowie sang Put on the red shoes and dance the blues. It’s a very good and quite sweet song.

I Swear It’s True and Privilege of Time are truly energetic hits. The first one has a nice, funky vibe and good guitar part which creates a warm and melancholic atmosphere. But when it comes to Privilege of Time,  it is the simple, yet brilliant arrangement that makes the song sound so wonderful. There is a great amount of joy to be heard in Máni Orrason’s voice. It is the seemingly simple, yet catchy music that makes Baby Angel sound so good. Every sound emphasize the message of lyrics – a declaration of love repeated in Me and my boyfriend/Our love will never end. Numb, a softer song with a fine beat creates a feeling of melancholy, a melancholy which can be heard in Orrason’s voice as he sings about loneliness and feeling numb. The EP ends with Picture I Recall a song which seems like a link between the old and new music of the Icelandic multi-instrumentalist. Every song on the record has a good and fresh sound.

Máni Orrason just went one step further into a journey of finding his true sound. Baby Angel EP is full of beautiful and catchy pop songs of freedom, love and sexual identity.