Berlin-based band Pigeon released their newest EP BUG. The music is a perfect mix of punk, noise and post-punk.

Rather than focusing on making rough, yet beautiful noise (as they did on their album) on BUG Pigeon seems to be more focused on technique and on combining it with the seeming simplicity of their sound. The band manages to keep the punk energy that characterizes their work. All the songs on the EP are loud and raw, with the vocalist screaming the lyrics almost incoherently, in an aggressive, punk manner. It begins with Concern where post-punk sound changes swiftly into punk. Such combination of sound can be later heard in Less. Punk prevails in Ideal, harsh yet melodic song with great guitar riffs. The eponymous Bug is a fantastic instrumental post-punk piece. Everything is in its right place there: the bass line is excellent, guitar seems to cut like a knife and the way the drummer plays creates a specific cold atmosphere. This atmosphere is also present throughout the entire album. It reaches its highest level on the last song, Hoisin. At one particular moment on this wonderful punk / noise piece the vocalist calls Tape and for a couple of seconds it seems like a broken record. It lasts long enough for one to get goosebumps. Then everything comes back to how it was, and the short album ends with a burst of raw energy.

All of the four musicians are very skillful and know how to write very good music. BUG represents energy, cold atmosphere, and a noise that is raw and beautiful at the same time, an exceptional mix of punk, post-punk and noise.